Ram Trucks Featured in Wolverine 3


For fans of Wolverine, the new trailer for the Wolverine 3 Logan movie is out and Ram Trucks make a prominent feature in the film.

Due out on March 3, 2017, the YouTube screenshot above shows a herd of Ram Trucks pursuing the hero named Logan in Wolverine 3.

Viewers can see four Ram Trucks outfitted with black brush guards and racks built by Motobilt of Dothan, Alabama, a company that specializes in outfitting and designing vehicles with off-road parts.

A studio representative from 20th Century Fox approached owner Dan DuBose to outfit four Ram trucks for the next Wolverine movie. DuBose did not know they were for the movie until after the trucks were on site and said, “I was pretty excited about it once I found out it was for Wolverine. We didn’t know it was for Wolverine until the trucks were already there.”

DuBose and his team designed the brush guards and racks only based on an artist rendering. That wasn’t the only challenge, however. “One of the difficulties in building these trucks – we’re not allowed to drill holes or modify the trucks in any way that they can’t go back to stock,” DuBose said. “But yet we have to do all this work.”

Challenge accepted, DuBose and his team did a wonderful job of modifying the trucks with brush guards, racks, and giving them an armored appearance without drilling holes or cutting metal. DuBose said his mechanics worked hard to get the details of the trucks for Wolverine 3 just right. “There’s a since of pride about it,” he said.