Ram Phasing Out the Crosshair Grille


Having adorned its pickups for the past 35 years, the writing is on the wall, or grille, in this case, that Ram Trucks ill be phasing out the signature crosshair grille.

Fiat Chrysler head of global design Ralph Gilles told The Detroit News, “I love what the company has done by differentiating each brand – from the marketing to the materials – and it’s inspired us as designers to make sure we do that with cars themselves.” He adds, “It takes time. Establishing a brand takes five years, so we’re kind of at that point.”

Since the Detroit auto show of 2015, Ram Trucks has introduced its Rebel, Limited, Power Wagon and Laramie Longhorn model pickups with non-crosshair grilles that feature “RAM”.

Gilles says, “I’m watching this space very carefully. It’s been an experiment, and it’s working. People have responded to it. We like it. But it’s something we’re consciously going gradually.”

Autotrader.com senior analyst Michelle Krebs says, “This has been a challenge for Fiat Chrylser to make that shift from ‘Dodge Ram’ to just ‘Ram’. Changing the grille is another step in that direction in separating the brand, but it’s going to continue to be a long journey.”  Ram has thrived after leaving Dodge, with goals of moving the brand into new markets.