New Head of Ram Trucks Appointed by Chrysler

ram ceo

Robert Hegbloom has been appointed by Chyrsler Group as the new Head of Ram Truck Brand.

Hegbloom joined Chysler in 1986 and previously served as the Director of Ram Truck Brand. As part of his new role, he will become a part of Chrysler Group’s NAFTA leadership team.

The former president and CEO of Ram Truck Brand, Reid Bigland, was appointed to a new position with Alfa Romeo and is a member of the NAFTA leadership program as well.

Bigland has been working with Hegbloom in the establishment of the Ram Truck Brand after it’s separation from Dodge. “It is appropriate that Bob now be given the opportunity to continue and intensify the work started by Reid,” Sergio Marchionne, Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group says.

“Both Reid and Bob have grown tremendously as leaders in the last five years and the time has come for them to have expanded leadership roles,” added Marchionne.