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Dodge Ram 1500 holds 51 people at one time

A Dodge Ram has the capacity to hold a lot of weight, but a load of 51 people challenged that at the Shelby County Fair’s Carload Night in July.

Each year, Tracy Russell of Bellefontaine and Paula Ludwig of Sidney, and their 49 closest friends and family members pile into one vehicle. “We do this every year because it’s nice getting the whole family together,” Ludwig says, who has been participating in Carload Night for six years. “The kids look forward to it every year.”

Last year the family managed to fit 35 people into a minivan, so they were relieved at the opportunity to stand in the bed of a truck this year instead of resorting to their usual strategy of sitting in each other’s laps.

While touting that it can carry 51 people may not be on the Ram website, check out the towing and payload capacities for the Ram Truck line up at