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Easton Corbin and Ram Trucks Gives Thanks

How will you give thanks this year? Join Easton Corbin, Ram Trucks, and Ram Nation as they give back this holiday season to the Sunrise Fire Department in Sunrise, Florida.

“I think it’s very important to give our fire fighters and all first responders… thank them, because I feel like it’s something I should do,” says Easton Corbin. “Giving back is how we give tanks. So how are you going to give thanks this year?”

#RamGivesThanks. Watch the video here:

Ram Trucks Owner Story | Power

Hear from wildlife tracking and photography expert Mark Peterson from Northern Minnesota as he discusses his Ram Truck.  In addition to his prized truck, Mark has a horse named Dusty that helps trap and track wildlife.

They make such an incredible team that Mark has written a book about Dusty. They travel coast-to-coast supporting charities and signing books on their tour.

“The the only one I trust carrying my horse is a Ram. That’s the engine that’s driving this,” says Mark.

Hear more from Mark as his talks about what Ram Trucks has done for him here:

Ram Trucks Featured in Wolverine 3

For fans of Wolverine, the new trailer for the Wolverine 3 Logan movie is out and Ram Trucks make a prominent feature in the film.

Due out on March 3, 2017, the YouTube screenshot above shows a herd of Ram Trucks pursuing the hero named Logan in Wolverine 3.

Viewers can see four Ram Trucks outfitted with black brush guards and racks built by Motobilt of Dothan, Alabama, a company that specializes in outfitting and designing vehicles with off-road parts.

A studio representative from 20th Century Fox approached owner Dan DuBose to outfit four Ram trucks for the next Wolverine movie. DuBose did not know they were for the movie until after the trucks were on site and said, “I was pretty excited about it once I found out it was for Wolverine. We didn’t know it was for Wolverine until the trucks were already there.”

DuBose and his team designed the brush guards and racks only based on an artist rendering. That wasn’t the only challenge, however. “One of the difficulties in building these trucks – we’re not allowed to drill holes or modify the trucks in any way that they can’t go back to stock,” DuBose said. “But yet we have to do all this work.”

Challenge accepted, DuBose and his team did a wonderful job of modifying the trucks with brush guards, racks, and giving them an armored appearance without drilling holes or cutting metal. DuBose said his mechanics worked hard to get the details of the trucks for Wolverine 3 just right. “There’s a since of pride about it,” he said.

VIDEO: A Family of Ram Trucks

“A truck is like a pair of shoes, it’s what you’re comfortable in. For me and my family, we don’t wear the same kind of shoes, but we all love the same truck.” Hear from this Ram Truck owner as his discusses his Ram 1500 and why it represents him.

In his family, he says they have at least a dozen Rams. It’s in the family. “Its like Ram fever if you want to call it,” he says.

A Ram product will get the job done. It’s this Ram Truck owner’s bread and butter.

Watch this Ram Trucks Owner Story about tradition here:

VIDEO: 2016 State Fair of Texas Ram Truck Display

“Texas is the biggest truck market in the world, so its important for the Ram brand to make sure we continue to grow here and build a very strong customer base,” says Jim Morrison, Head of Ram Brand FCA – North America, who is at the Texas State Fair of Texas.

From a bobber-guessing contest, to an appearance from the Raminator to load-leveling air suspension, Ram Trucks has many different ways to interact with customers at this year’s state fair.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Ram Trucks in Dallas, Texas at the 2016 State Fair of Texas. The state fair lasts for an entire month, so be sure to check it out if you’re in Dallas:

VIDEO: Ram Trucks State Fair of Texas

Texans love their pickup trucks, and Ram is capitalizing on that by showing off a new round of Ram trucks for the 2017 model year at the State Fair of Texas.

Three truck models saw significant updates this year including the Lone Star, Laramie Longhorn, and Limited.  You can see all of these vehicles at Ram’s display at the State Fair of Texas Auto Show from September 30 – October 23, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

Check out this video of Ram Trucks in Texas and why Ram is Texas’ Longest-Lasting Pickup:

Ram Trucks Eyeing European Market

Ram Trucks just hosted its first-ever display at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Exhibition at the world’s largest leading trade fair for transportation, mobility, and logistics for commercial vehicles.  The event was held September 21-29 in Hannover, Germany, and signified Ram’s debut into the international arena as they plan to expand their presence in markets for their commercial vehicles outside of North America.

Bob Hegbloom, Head of Ram Truck Brand International, FCA US LLC said, “We are very excited to introduce the Ram Truck brand to a global commercial vehicle audience at Hannover. This is the premier show in the world for the commercial segment and is the perfect entry point for Ram Truck to expand its reach to new markets.”

The Ram 1500 Quad Cab Sport with a 5.7-liter HEMI gasoline engine and eight-speed transmission was displayed at the event.  The truck was adapted to use liquid petroleum gas (LPG), which is popular in Europe, and increases fuel economy and extended-range driving capabilities.  Drivers are able to easily switch between gasoline and LPG.

The truck was also enhanced with European-homologated Mopar accessories such as black side steps, a black heavy duty toolbox, and a tow hook. The Bright White Ram has displayed a black under rail box bedliner and a sport performance hood.

Hegbloom added, “We are using this important show to gather customer and media feedback, and to let them know that the Ram Truck brand is expanding to markets for commercial vehicles outside of North America. This is just the beginning and we’ll continue to unfold the Ram Truck brand plan on a regional basis.”

700 New Jobs To Be Created at Sterling Heights Assembly Plant to Build Ram 1500 Trucks

Fiat Chrysler has just announced plans to add 700 new jobs to their Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in order to prepare for the company’s next generation of Ram 1500 pickup trucks.

FCA US announced this past summer plans to invest $1.48 billion into the Sterling Heights plant as it ramps up for the 2018 Ram 1500s. Current Ram 1500s are produced at an assembly plant in Warren, Michigan.

Sterling Heights’ Mayor Michael Taylor said, “The economic impact from these new well paying jobs, not to mention thousands of jobs preserved at both Sterling Stamping and SHAP, equates to millions of dollars in the local and regional economy.” He also expressed his appreciation “for FCA’s long term commitment” to the city.