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VIDEO: Ram Trucks Owner Story | Building a New Home

After always building homes for other people, this couple finally gets to build their dream home with the help of a Ram truck.

From helping get their kids off the couch to building a new home, Ram trucks gets families where they need to go no matter what the season, no matter what the road or terrain.

Check out this Ram Truck video about how this family uses Ram Trucks in their everyday lives.





VIDEO: This Old Van Series – Out of Control

Safely removing critters, creatures and bears can become dangerous especially when your van has bad fuel economy. See how Earl and Merl’s old van leaves them running for their lives.

The Ram ProMaster City gets 29 MPG highway, has best-in-class payload, and class-executive 9-speed transmission. Learn more about how the ProMaster City can help your business in its’ day to day operations.

VIDEO: All-New 2017 Ram 4×4 Off-road and 2016 Ram Power Wagon

Last week’s company event of “What’s New” took place at Chelsea Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Michigan and gave everyone the chance to see the full line-up of Ram Trucks vehicles.

Hear from Jim Morrison, Head of Ram Brand, who takes a closer look at the all-new 2017 Ram 4×4 Off-road package and what it has to offer.

Also check out the other Off-road package offerings with many outstanding features including in the 2016 Ram Power Wagon.

VIDEO: Mopar ’16 Ram Rebel Highlights

Check out the all-new Mopar ’16 Ram Rebel.  With only 500 of these to be built, this limited edition truck is one that will turn heads on the road.

Hear from Todd Beddick, Mopar’s Head of Accessory and Performance Portfolio talk about the details that went into this truck, and the ability to personalize your Ram Rebel in over 300 ways.

VIDEO: Heat Test with the Ram ProMaster City

Never mess with the locals: the snakes and scorpions in the most extreme of environments you can be.  The dessert.  Meet up with Marv and Nathan, Ram Engineers as they face a 600 mile drive from Denver, Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada as the test the Ram ProMaster City.

In this extreme heat test, the goal of their journey is to make this one boring day.

From radio testing to transmission testing, Ram engineers look to see how many tests they can complete in one day.

Driving through 4 states and a 9,000 foot terrain of dessert, you’ll soon find that nothing actually happened….which is a good thing.